Charity for Kinshasa street kids


We would like to bring young children into school in the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of CONGO (DRC) .

Recently, we have visited the Capital of DRC, Kinshasa. We have seen the poverty namely of young children who are supposed to work instead on the streets selling goods or working as shoe polisher. The visit of schools up to the eight classe is free in DRC. However, it requires a school uniform. Most of these children don't get the support  of their parents to pay 15 USD for a school uniform and some basic school necessities. 

We , ITF IN NAE OPPEM,  will therefore start this year to collect money for those children without a hope for basic education.

As a first step we will donate all our entry fees for the BRABANT CUP to this new charity. 

Help us and help the children ! Together we can make a difference.  We will implement this charity directly with the DR CONGO ITF Federation in Kinshasa.


More info will follow soon.